05 Aug

How to write pages for your website

How to write pages for your website

The single most important factor you must take into consideration when building your website is making sure every single page on your site contains information about the services you provide, or what you are selling with well written, informative text.

Informative, clear, detailed text

This is a vital practice that you should try to get right from the start. But even if you don’t get it right from the start (and you are not alone), then fear not! All you need is to start again with a clear head, a nice cup of coffee, some peace and quiet, your laptop or computer and some time to sit down and express what your company is about.
Explain and write down why your business services or products are the solution your website visitors need. Do you provide the best prices? Do you provide the best level of after service? Do you have the most knowledge in your field? Tell your customers everything about your services or products in detailed, clear, informative text and get their attention.

Get the message across quickly

To be honest, most customers will never sit and read all the content on your site anyway. This is a matter of fact based on over 15 years of study of site visitors and eventual customers of Pattaya Media. We know this because we have stats to show the exact time a client visits the very first page, where they arrived from, how many seconds they spent on that page before they then went on to send us an enquiry and hire Pattaya Media to build their new company website.
So judging by this fact we have listed the most important points below are what makes this work:

1: Getting your potential client to your site in the first place

To get your site ranked highly through SEO and non-paid adverts then we have a short SEO guide listed here.

2: Making sure the site when first visited is clean, attractive, modern and user-friendly.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but people do! You know when you stand waiting for a bus or a train or driving your car along the highway there are adverts and signs everywhere promoting products and services.

If your site is old, outdated and unattractive then you have already lost your battle. Your site needs to be kept up to date with the latest designs and technologies to please the ever demanding world.

3: Ensure the most important reasons, words and descriptions to use your services are there to be read or noticed immediately.

You will need to make sure your site pages show clear text and images at the very first time a website visitor lands on your page. You must have well written text in clear view to get their attention immediately. You can also use a combination of text or normal images to get your point across but remember images won’t bring you site visitors as the search engines will read the text on the pages and not the images. But they will get looked at like this lady opposite.

Conclusion to writing your web page text for successful results

So the bottom line is to build a site that provides clear, well written text to explain whatever that pacific page is about on your site and ALWAYS give the home page the best descriptions to explain who you are, the services you provide or the products you sell.
If you do this then your site will have far greater success and you will gain more hits which should lead to more custom and your online business can grow and become a success.

But understand this will take a lot of hard work, hours, days, months and even years to achieve.

Just how much do you want that success???

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